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Pilot “Who is Martin”

Pilot “Who is Martin”
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“Who is Martin” is more than just a show, it is a passion project I have been crafting for more than 2 years now. So before I go further into the technical aspects of it, let me introduce you to the show itself!

“Who is Martin” is the story of three struggling roommates whose lives are turned upside down when their new landlord, Martin, offers them a job… in the future!

It is a 30 min comedy/sci-fi, think of a mix between “30 rock”, “New Girl” and “Dr. Who”! Full of humor, we will bring the current (and future) social issues we are facing, such as diversity, sexism and equal rights! But what truly makes it a great show is the energy and the passion we all have, starting from the cast to the editors! Every single member of this crew has been giving it 100% and this is only the beginning!

I consider this project to be my opportunity to break into this tough world of the film industry. By presenting a well done and polished Pilot (I’m trying really hard not to say “The best Pilot of all time”!) to the powers that be, we can truly make an impact and prove to them they can trust us with this show even after several seasons!

But for that to become possible, it is necessary to put together an efficient, professional and motivated team (cast, DP, sound, lights, make-up, PAs, photograph, editors etc…) We are all here in LA to live for our passion, and since all the cast and crew will be professionals, it’s only natural that we pay them for their hard work! Now this episode will roughly take us 5 days to shoot, and on top of hiring people, I need to make sure I can cover insurance, work under legit permits when on location, provide food and craft services for the crew, etc… And that’s when it adds up!

You can greatly contribute to our dream by either making a donation (and you will receive the reward accordingly to what you gave) or share the page on your Facebook, Instagram, or by word of mouth! If we reach out to 10,000 people, we can meet our goal by just having a ONE dollar donation per person! And who knows, if we get produced, you might get a shot at being cast! But we can’t make it without you. I am counting on you. We are all counting on you actually. Allow us to live our dream fully! See what we can do without funding? Imagine what we can do if you fund us!

Love and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Aurélien Viricel

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