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Ping Meets Pong Table

Ping Meets Pong Table
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Ping Meets Pong is all about communication.

Use it as a meeting and dining table, it offers space for up to 12 guests and comes with a lazy suzan spinning serving disk in the center.
Use it as a ping pong table!! The rotating net is included. The game will change! It is all about keeping the ball in the game! Everybody wins!

Ping-pong net and lazy suzan are easy to exchange.

The table consists of:
Tabletop. 2 parts melamine coated wood in black or blue with white lines.
Base. Powder coated steel with 5 legs.

For your success, please follow these golden rules:
1. Watch our for a partner you want to win with
2. Find your vis-a-vis with whom you want to be triumphant
3. Take care, at this table you will change your attitude more than once
4. Be always choosy regarding your partner, rival and position
5. Let questions revolve first, then partners and rivals
6. Hit back as soon as you disagree on a position
7. Find some balance: sometimes it might be useful to centre the inner circle of PING MEETS PONG
8. Notice: the answer to Ping is not always Pong, just as Pong does not usually affect Ping
9. Beware the off: you will have to bow
10. Award your table mates with an off: now relaxez-vous!

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