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Pink Sand Circle by Daniel Arsham

Pink Sand Circle by Daniel Arsham
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This work by Daniel Arsham tells us, once again, about the ephemeral, the unique and unrepeatable. This sculpture is composed by two types of sand, one pink, thicker and formed by shards of quartz and another one, thinner, of a white colour. As the sand flows into the liquid and falls, it forms patterns that will never be repeated again. The planets that finish the work, create a fictional landscape that makes us travel through imaginary space worlds.

The work is accompanied by a wooden standing base on which rests the circle and a pair of white gloves. This edition of 500 copies includes a holographic label that indicates the number within the edition and verifies its authenticity. The work is sent inside its original packaging.

Brand: Daniel Arsham
Release date: 2019
Conditions: New with original box

Material: Wood, sand, liquid and vinyl
size : 20 x 20 cm
Edition OF 500 ex

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