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Piqapoo – Collects your dog’s poo for you – HANDS-FREE!

Piqapoo – Collects your dog’s poo for you – HANDS-FREE!
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Forget about cool smartwatches and Microsoft Surface Studio – the best gadget of 2016 is a poop collector! And we’re not even joking: this innovative poop collector is called Piqapoo and it’s one of the best ideas we’ve encountered in over three years of gadget hunting. Here’s how it works: when taking your dog for a walk you attach Piqapoo to its tail and when the moment comes, instead of manually collecting your dog’s poop from the ground, all you have to do is wait for your dog to finish pooping, grab the Piqapoo and throw away the bag. Ta-daa! That’s it! Isn’t it genius? I wonder why no one hasn’t thought of that before. Anyway, now it exists so if you’re a dog owner head over to Piqapoo’s Kickstarter and grab your own Piqapoo for just $29.

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