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Pit & Pendulum Zen Garden

Pit & Pendulum Zen Garden
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An ingenious take on a scientific principle that’s just as fascinating today as it was when Galileo first studied it! When touched, the suspended weight swings freely under the influence of gravity, creating fantastic, unique designs in the sand! Handsome desktop decor with cherry-finish base. Great executive stress reliever and conversation piece! 15″ tall. Mesmerizing and addictive!

More than an elegant desktop execu-toy (although it is that too!) The Pit and Pendulum demonstrates real science. — Secured in its oak stand, the all metal pendulum converts kinetic energy into potential energy. The extremely fine sand (included) provides minimal friction allowing the pendulum to swing for extended periods of time. As the pendulum swings it gently “writes” ever changing geometic patterns in the sand. The patterns get bigger then smaller then bigger again as the arc of the pendulum also changes.

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