Placebag – Next-Generation Food Ordering App

Placebag – Next-Generation Food Ordering App
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There are many branded online ordering, directory, and portal solutions currently servicing the restaurant market. Each with it’s own service gaps and drawbacks.

The Placebag platform/app that we are currently building is designed to bridge that gap by being solution agnostic. Restaurant owners/managers will be able to add any existing online ordering page they wish to use. In addition, they can add any of their own existing mobile app links from within the Apple(tm) and/or Play(tm) Stores. On top of that they will be able to run time-limited and quantity-limited deals. Restaurants will receive these services all for a super-low monthly fee (You’ll be shocked!).

As an add-on, we will offer geo-fenced marketing campaigns so that Placebag app consumer users entering a designated area (typically the restaurant location’s vicinity) will receive an automated push notification containing the restaurant’s deal or any other custom message they’d like to advertise.

We look forward to empowering the restaurant community as well as educating both their existing customers and new customers to patronize by ordering directly on the owner verified menu link/app.

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