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Planetary Plates

Planetary Plates
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My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine… hey! Where’d the pizza go? The mnemonic works because your brain keeps thinking “there’s gonna be pizza at the end… there’s gonna be pizza at the end…” and then blammo. Pluto’s not a planet, and there’s no more pizza. We feel cheated.

Take back the pizza with this set of 8 Planetary Plates. See, you can set a place for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune around the table. Then put a huge pizza in the middle of the table to represent our favorite absent dwarf planet. At the end of the meal, Pluto will be gone but not forgotten, much like the pizza will be.

One plate per planet. Pluto not included. Made from melamine,10 inches in diameter, and dishwasher safe. Artwork by Leah Yael Levy

Product Specifications

Plates representing each of the planets in our solar system
Artwork by Leah Yael Levy
Set of 8, one plate per planet
Not to scale, or there would be some very sad people eating off of Mercury
Materials: Melamine
Dimensions: 10″ diameter
Not microwaves-safe

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