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Plant Water Self Watering Spikes

Plant Water Self Watering Spikes
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★PERFECT PLANT WATERS FOR VACATIONS PLANT WATERING.The plant waterer may get broken due to long distance transportation,feel free to contact us via PunadaAfterSaleService@com for the refund or replacement.Punada plant watering spikes work great for indoor outdoor plants.Usually the average time is 7-10 days for a litre of water, depending on the dryness of your soil,humidity,etc. It is suggested to test these automatic plant waterer before leaving on vacation for the most accurate watering time.
★WATER AT ROOTS TO KEEP PLANTS HEALTHIER.Punada auto plant watering devices promotes healthier roots and stronger plants. These environmentally friendly self watering spikes ensure that your plants get right amount of water all the time. You won’t lose any soil and valuable nutrients since our terracotta watering spikes prevents water overflow. Punada plant watering devices also prevent Overwatering, underwatering which can kill the plants.

★ATTRACTIVE RECYCLED WATER RESERVOIR FOR GARDEN. Use recycled wine bottles along with Punada terracotta plant waterer to easily water your plants.The wine bottles make an attractive water reservoir that delivers the water through the engineered ceramic stake as the plant needs it. Even at a distance you’ll see when the plant needs to be watered again. Each set includes four 7”tall stakes for medium to large plants. Great for patio container garden use.
★ECONOMICAL AND EASY TO USE .No need to waste time and money on an electrical plant watering system. These simple wine bottle stake Set can be installed and running in minutes. Soak the terracotta plant waterer in water first. It will prevent them from pulling moisture quickly from the bottle. Fill long neck glass bottles with water and set the terracotta plant waterer on the top of the bottles. Simply flip them over and place self irrigation watering system into your indoor/outdoor planter.

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