Player Three: A Social Hub for Gamers

Player Three: A Social Hub for Gamers
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Gamers can meet new players, share all types of content and play in teams to climb to the top of hundreds of leagues.

Player Three is a social hub that combines the video gaming era with our inner human need of wanting to share with the world. Players can share content, find gamers to play with, create/join tournaments and follow other interesting/famous players. You can also play a cool Game of Thrones boardgame with your friends.

All features on Player Three promote the growth of a worldwide gaming community:

Social Feed. Gamers can share posts, images, videos and links to all their favourite content.

Let’s Play. Players have one central place to find gamers who are looking to play with other players on their favourite consoles.

Battle. Players can create clans/teams to sign up to leagues, play against other teams and rise to the top.

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