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PLLP Household Chandeliers

PLLP Household Chandeliers
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: Reinforced ceiling box, made of high-quality materials, has a good load-bearing capacity, can easily bear the weight of one person, giving you safe and reliable protection!
2: The lampshade made of high-quality materials brings warmth to the lighting effect. The light is soft, the light is evenly distributed, and the illumination area is wide. The lamp body adopts advanced new laser tough cutting machine with high precision, accurate and beautiful products and excellent quality.
3: E14 lamp holder, 50,000 hours of service life, bright and durable, using high-quality materials and fine grinding, combined with many years of production technology, to enhance the service life!
4: The light bulb is a gift, and if it is damaged, it will not be re-shipped. Please note! ! !
5: Due to the difference between the measurement method and the measurement tool, some errors will inevitably occur. Due to the configuration of the lamp and the configuration of the display, there may be some chromatic aberration, and the specific product is limited by the actual product.

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