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Plush Soothing Gel Bead Eye Mask

Plush Soothing Gel Bead Eye Mask
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Rejuvenate, relax, and keep your face fabulous with our Plush eye mask. You get the enhanced benefits of both hot and cold treatments, perfect for reducing puffiness and ridding yourself of pressures and pains. It even doubles as a oh-so-stylish sleep mask, so you get that much needed beauty sleep.

The Plush Soothing Gel Bead Eye Mask is the perfect way to invigorate your skin. Whether you want to show your skin some extra love after removing your makeup, get more uninterrupted sleep, or start your day with a refreshing solution to puffy and tired eyes, this mask has it all. The gel beads are compatible with extreme cold and heat, so you can put in the freezer and apply it to your face to reduce puffiness, or heat it up in the microwave to relieve stress related tension and sinus pain. Post-makeup routines are just as important as actually removing makeup, so do your skin a favor and give it a spa-like treatment so you’re ready to rock your look in top shape.

Key Benefits
Comfortable, adjustable fit
Reduces puffiness and redness
Helps relieves migraines & heat exhaustion
Helps release stress related tension & sinus pain
Microwavable & freezable
Ultra-soft fabric

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