pocket portable slingshot

The Pocket Shot Slingshot

The Pocket Shot Slingshot
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The Pocket Shot includes one standard pouch and one pro-pouch. The high impact inner ring is indestructible, and is guaranteed not to chip, crack or break from any shots coming at it from the inside. The outer ring and cap is made from noryl resins, strong and durable for your outdoor needs.
Standard pouches are designed to be the most durable but must be replaced after a period of use. We look at them like disposable razorblades-it’s a good idea to have a few extra around.

Standard pouches are rated at around 275 ft per/sec.
Pro Pouches are rated at 300-350 ft per second. New latex formula makes them easier to shoot and more stretchy! When you want to inflict the most damage, this is what you want!
Pouches will be stiff at first but will loosen up after 10 shots or so.

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