PokemonGo Team Wristbands

PokemonGo Team Wristbands
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We came up with the idea for these because whenever were at the park about to take over a guy we never know who is also on our team without yelling it out loud but that alerts the rival teams too, which is a bad idea! The bands let you find your allies without any of your rivals realizing whats going on. Silicone gel wristbands to let everyone else know what team you’re on so you don’t have to ask or be asked. Other players automatically know. Rep your team! Me and my friend had these made so we can make a little extra gas money to drive to the park to catch more Pokemon! Hopefully we can make enough to pay ourselves back for the cost to make them and also buy some lure modules from the store. Standard silicone wristband. One size fits all.

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