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Pop Tennis Sensor by Babolat

Pop Tennis Sensor by Babolat
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New from Babolat, the POP wristband is the first wearable connected device totally dedicated to tennis. Pair your POP Wristband with a smartphone and play connected with any tennis racquets. Babolat’s POP collects exciting data about players’ performance, and allows them to challenge and interact with friends via social and gaming features. POP features include POP sensor, wristband, charger and USB cable. POP is compatible with any racquet where real time tennis data includes swing speed, spin, shot type and style combined all into a PIQ score.

Package includes: POP sensor, wristband, charger and USB cable
Compatible with any racquet; Download the free app, available for Android (version 4.3+) and iOS (7.0+)
Real-time data includes shot type, swing speed, spin and style, all combined into a PIQ score
Activity feature tracks court time, number of shots and records your sessions
Challenge feature provides a fun way to compete with your friends all over the world

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