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popSLATE Second Screen Smart Case

popSLATE Second Screen Smart Case
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Look at the back of your phone. What do you see? That’s right…nothing. Half of your phone offers you zero value, and you carry it everywhere you go.

Now imagine that you saw pictures of your friends & family. Or your favorite team’s logo. Or your schedule for the day. Or news headlines. Or a feed of sports scores. In other words, imagine anything that you would want on the back of your phone, just waiting there for you to see, changing up throughout the day.

That’s why we developed popSLATE, the ‘always-on’ second screen, which transforms the back of your phone into a 24/7 showcase for images you love and information you need.

We started shipping in April, and so far thousands of users–in more than 45 countries around the world–have joined the popSLATE community. For our users, receiving their popSLATE is just the beginning; through rolling app updates, we are adding new features all the time.

The popSLATE platform consists of a super-thin, lightweight, shatter-proof e-ink screen embedded in a protective iPhone 6 case, connected to apps on your phone.

The ultra-low-power e-ink display (similar to the technology used on a Kindle) lets you keep your popSLATE display on all the time, without draining your phone’s battery.

The popSLATE app on your phone connects you to eye-catching images and a vibrant community of users. Through integration with popular data sources, it also delivers the information you need, all at a glance.

The sleek-yet-rugged slider case that attaches popSLATE to your phone offers great protection, and the entire platform has been certified by Apple’s rigorous Made for iPhone Program.

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