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Potato Chip Retro Pillow

Potato Chip Retro Pillow
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Snacks on Snacks on Snacks This retro pillow features an amazing print of a bag of ridged potato chips that look good enough to eat. The best part is that the chips won’t crumble into dust when you squeeze them (unless you prefer your chips that way – to each his own). Sure to make your mouth water – keep a real bag of chips nearby in case of emergencies.

Couch Potato Chips Why are potato chips considered retro? Your guess is as good as mine, but there?s no denying that this super soft pillow is calling out to any couch-locked, snack-craving television addicts reading this. I know you?re out there because we can sense our own kind. I’m going to dream of sea salt and vinegar tonight… Made from 100% polyester Measures 26? x 13? Potato Chip Retro Pillow

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