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Potato Scrubbing Gloves

Potato Scrubbing Gloves
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At last-vegetable cleaning can be thorough and still let you retain all the nutritious benefits. Did you know 50-percent of vitamins in vegetables are located in the peel. This is lost if you use a peeler. But most people resist washing the peel for fear that your vegetables aren’t truly clean.

Skrub’a is unique in that it thoroughly cleans your vegetables without fear of dirt left behind. Beneficial in that it cleans without removing all the healthy vitamins, Skrub’a gloves are hygienic, practical, and fun to use for both kids and adults.

Simply choose the right Skrub’a for the task at hand, place on your hands and scrub your vegetable under running water. You’ll quickly and easily clean your vegetables, saving you time, and your entire family will benefit from the added nutrients retained with the peel on. Sizes available for adults and children; made in Denmark. FDA-tested, durable nylon. Machine washable; internationally patented.

Scrubbing vegetable gloves made of FDA-tested nylon mesh
Now you can thoroughly clean your vegetables and retain the 50-percent of nutrients lost when vegetables are peeled
Internationally patented, designed and made in Denmark
Machine washable
Available in adult and children’s sizes

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