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Powdersurfing Boards by Grassroots

Powdersurfing Boards by Grassroots
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Handcrafted powsurfers designed for surfing on snow, free of any binding. No ropes, sky hooks, magnets or any other gimmicks. This is the real thing. True binding free mountain surfing. Grassroots is the first name in powsurfing and has been blazing trail for 10 years all across the world. Each board is designed, handcrafted, signed and numbered in a small shop in Utah by the pioneers of the powsurfing movement.

A long, drawn out nose cuts effortlessly through the snow, displacing snow outward and channeling it down the double concave rails enhancing float and speed. The set-back, medium radius sidecut, tapered body and slightly flared crescent tail give it quick turning ability and make for a forgiving ride in variable conditions and shallow or settled pow. Great for weaving tight trees, ripping steep lines, and navigating technical terrain. While it won’t have as “floaty” and “surfy” of a feel than models like the Powder Slut, Great White and Phish, this board will handle the deep and perform well in the less than ideal conditions.

140 cm Boards Recommended Width Sizing: “Standard” – US boot sizes: 9-13 / Weight: 130-230 lbs
150 cm Boards Recommended for US mens boot sizes 9-13 and rider weights between 150-260 lbs.

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