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Powerball Diablo Evo Autostart

Powerball Diablo Evo Autostart
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Beauty outside. Beast inside.

Controlled Power -The Powerball Diablo Evo Generates 18.7kg / 42 pounds of resistance / force at 10,000rpm which packs an extraordinary punch for its compact size (30% smaller than your average Powerball).

Automatic starting – No cords required, just wind the rotor, release and spin for instant, fuss free starts every time.

Smooth Performance – The polished chrome finished Autostart Powerball Diablo Evo™ is silky smooth to spin, whisper quiet and vibration free.Advanced design & manufacturing – New, thinner outer shell, helping to reduce the overall ball size and allowing the Powerball Diablo Evo to fit comfortably in the hand.

LCD speed meter – A 6-mode Accura 2.0 battery-free counter (with backlight) is fitted as standard to allow you measure performance and spin speed with pinpoint accuracy.

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