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Powered Paper Boat Conversion Kit

Powered Paper Boat Conversion Kit
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This kit contains everything you and your kids need to build a powered paper boat! Once you have put your boats together, you can put them on water and watch them be propelled around! Learn how to build your origami boat while following the included step by step instructions. Then attach the little wind-up motor and accessories and you are ready to explore the limits of your imagination!

Accessories include an anchor, flag, and pirate. Each of them can be attached to your paper boat. This kit comes with two pieces of water-proof, treasure map decorated paper. The classic origami boat takes a fun twist with this kit. Gone are the days of a stagnant paper boat. Watch your boat as it cruises and sails across a pond, pool, or your bathtub! Leave the boat out to dry after play time and it will keep its shape and be ready for the next adventure!

Add power to your homemade origami boat, with PowerUp Boat, the world’s first powered paper boat conversion kit
Make a simple origami boat from a sheet of waterproof paper, add the PowerUp motor and you’re ready to launch your boat across the water
The quick wind-up mechanism will power your boat for up to 10 seconds
Step-by-step illustrated instructions are easy to follow and the PowerUp Boat kit does not need batteries
Includes quick-connect wind-up motor, 2 sheets of special Dupont waterproof paper, pirate figure, flag and anchor; for ages 8 and above

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