Pressed Flowers Real Dried Flowers Decorations Wedding

Pressed Flowers Real Dried Flowers Decorations Wedding
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Beautiful pressed dried flowers in flat resealable archival sleeves grown on Larkspur Hill. Choose the quantity in the checkout. Every batch is different according to the harvest. The 8th photo shows a penny for scale. Flowers and sizes vary with the harvest. a few free flower petals and pretty green leaves will also be included. Flowers vary with the seasons. The size varies from 1/2 inch to 4 inches across. Flowers may include some of the the following: Violas, pansies, miniature roses, miniature daffodils, white daisies, purple Larkspur, delphinium, yellow daisies, pink daisies, Iceland poppies, petunias, snapdragons, bachelor buttons, alyssum, carrot blossoms, purple daisies, etc. These flowers are perfect for invitations, decoupage, paper crafts, resin jewelry, wedding table decor and more. ~larkspur hill~ i use earth-friendly garden methods here on Larkspur Hill. Homemade compost keeps my soil rich. i shred garden clippings and leaves to make compost. Then, the compost turns back into rich soil. Ladybugs eat the aphids and other bad bugs. My kitties keep the squirrels out. a pair of hawks keep the mice away by day; and an owl patrols at night. a white picket fence blocks the rabbits from eating my flowers and vegetables. i pull the weeds by hand. It rarely rains here in the desert.

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