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Professional Culinary Kitchen Blow Torch

Professional Culinary Kitchen Blow Torch
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This Profession Kitchen Blow Torch can be used around the home and outdoors for many uses and comes with a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE, Whats not to love? Creme Brulee Torch This kitchen blowtorch is perfect for caramalising sugar on top of creme brulee as well as mereangue, chocolate, gummies even smoke olives or meat, the list of recipes which you can utilise this culinary torch will change your meals forever.
Going Camping? Take this blow torch on your camping trip, where you can use it to lite a campfire or BBQ, make smores and melt cheese on burgers.

Home and Hobbies This torch flames are so powerful it can be used for making jewelry for smouldering silver. Use this blow torch for welding or melting frozen pipes, unscrewing heatsealed nuts and bolts, lighting cigars and bonfires.

Life Time Guarantee Buy this professional blowtorch today, comes with a Baking Time Club life time guarantee, a purchase you can depend on.

Important Safety – This Torch is shipped WITHOUT Butane Gas The kitchen blow torch runs on butane gas, for safety it is shipped empty you will need to purchase Zippo Butane Gas as an add on and fill just before you intend to use it. It takes 10 seconds to fill with gas, then leave to stand for 5 mintues to allow to settle. Always use responsabily, store out of reach of children.

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