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Professional Manual Chainsaw Sharpener

Professional Manual Chainsaw Sharpener
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The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener is a newly patented tool that takes precision and accuracy to a new level. The chain remains on the saw and the tool clamps on the bar and allows the chain to be pulled through as each tooth is sharpened.

A high-grade tungsten carbide cutter is hand turned with a handle. Only a small amount of material is removed from each tooth resulting in much longer chain life. Carbide guides are fixed at a universal angle of 30 degree while 25 and 35 degree guides are offered separately.

Fast. Sharpens each tooth in seconds.
Precise. Every tooth sharpened to the same length and angle.
Durrable. High quality machined aluminum.
Portable. Take everywhere and sharpen anytime.
Easy. Anyone can sharpen a chainsaw with professional results

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