Professional Oboe Reed Subscription

Professional Oboe Reed Subscription
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Never be without a new reed again! Order this oboe reed subscription and i will send you new reeds on the first of every month. You can choose between receiving 2 or 3 reeds a month and receive reeds for 3 or 6 months. By signing up for a reed subscription you will receive free shipping for all of your reeds! These handmade professional level reeds are modeled after the John Mack style, shaped on a nagamatsu shaper tip, from an Innoledy gouge. These reeds are tied on a 47mm Edmund Nielsen oboe staple and measures a total of 70-71mm. These reeds are great for advanced high school students, college student, or adults who don’t have the time to make their own reeds. My first priority in reed making is to make a reed responsive and easy to play on, even in my professional level reeds. Secondly i make ensure that each reed consistently plays in tune at 440. i am very careful to check the octaves in the upper register so the reed does not require pinching or biting to get it in tune. Once these two elements are present, a beautiful, warm, full sound always emerges. My reeds are superior because i am a band director. i have seen what works and what doesn’t with beginning oboe students and advanced students. Before i began teaching in a school district, i only sold my reeds to my oboe students. Then i was able to fix a reed whenever a student was struggling with it. But now that i am directing a band program of over 250 students, i don’t have time to adjust reeds every time i see my student. i have a very accurate picture of a student needs from their reed. i ensure that it is complete and ready to play!

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