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Puller Mini Interactive Dog Toy

Puller Mini Interactive Dog Toy
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7″ PULLER Size Small – Two Ring Set for Smaller Dogs PULLER is a patented dog training device that help your dog to be active and solves many problems like excessive aggression, furniture damaging, disobedience, illness, including diseases of musculoskeletal system, obesity, and many more. MADE OUT OF UNIQUE MATERIAL (not rubber). Product is patented in 20 countries. It does not damage dog’s teeth and gums, unlike most of the toys. PULLER gently lets dog’s teeth deep inside the material, without loosing its shape and properties! It FLOATS, which opens up additional opportunities in training and interacting with the dog. It is ODORLESS, which is very important when training dogs.

PULLER does not leave an odor on the hands unlike most of the products for dogs, especially of the Chinese origin. It’s LIGHT, which allows the owner to train a dog for a long time. It’s easy to work with even for children and women. PULLER SET CONSISTS OF 2 RINGS. This greatly increases the intensity of the workout. 20 minutes with PULLER equals 10 miles of intensive walk or 2-hour lesson with an instructor on the training ground. Training with PULLER helps to solve most of the problems faced by the dog owners: · Excessive aggression; · Damaging furniture and other interior; · Disobedience; · Illness, including diseases of musculoskeletal system; · Obesity. Most of those problems are caused mainly by ONE reason – lack of physical and psycho-emotional activities.

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