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PurePosture Spinal Alignment Board

PurePosture Spinal Alignment Board
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A patented orthopedic device to align your spine, correct posture, increase flexibility, and relieve pain. PurePosture comes with one set of Customized Risers.
Tested on and used by hundreds of people, PurePosture remarkably aligns the spine within minutes and can immediately relieve pain by stretching spinal ligaments and joint capsules at specific segments of your spine.

An aligned spine means a balanced body thus less wear and tear on the joints, a decrease in disc issues and bone spurs, more effective breathing, and overall good health.
Perfect posture gives you a slimmer, more confident appearance. Perfect posture means you are balanced: front to back, top to bottom, and side to side.

PurePosture was invented by Chiropractors. This product does so much more including treating scoliosis, decreasing neck pain, alleviating headaches, improving lung capacity and increasing overall vitality.
Handcrafted in the USA of beautiful American polished hardwoods, toxic chemical free.

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