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Quantum Ferrofluid Display by Concept Zero

Quantum Ferrofluid Display by Concept Zero
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The Quantum will occupy a dominant place on your desk, bookshelf, or in a science display booth. Immersed within the highly tuned clear suspension liquid are 2.5ml of ferrofluid. The Quantum is expertly designed and handcrafted featuring an extremely tough and versatile layered black ABS plastic, accented with brushed non-magnetic aluminum support posts, a magnetic cradle for the stylus on both sides of the display, and a fastening system.

Using a high power neodymium magnetic stylus, you will manipulate the magnetic liquid known as ferrofluid within the glass chamber to see it take on amazing shapes and perform physics-defying movements that have to be seen to be believed.
Available in black, blue and gold colored ferrofluid. The Quantum comes with retail ready packaging.
Displays are intended for adults 18+ y/o

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