Quebec Fairy Stone 1 large Lucky Charm Love Token Highly

Quebec Fairy Stone  1 large  Lucky Charm Love Token Highly
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-Listing Item History/Facts/Information- -Quebec Fairy Stone gets its name from the Native people who first discovered them and used them as a love token and a sign of a good luck to come. -Fairy stones are just simple concretions of glacial sand, clay and calcite. Their specific combination creates a flat, rounded and smooth stone that look like they have been carved or man produced. These stones usually come in a grey or a light vanish color and usually never vary much more than that in color. -Metaphysical Attributes and Ancient Wisdom Practices -Fairy stones are said to carry an all encompassing Earth Mama love, nurturing care and prospering energy. It is said it radiates life giving, purity, giving and sharing. -Unlike other stones that are teachers, Fairy stone is considered more of answering, magic foretelling creature. Being highly pragmatic, it is mostly used in a instant answer type situation and not in constant works and meditation. -Though known for its quickness, a lot of light workers use Fairy stone for channeling, grounding, meditation and daily practice type work as well. What is also less known that each stone is individual and that they work in tune with an individual they choose, so if you got one that just doesn’t sing, gift it as it might not be your time or nor your stone. -Fairy stones are also used as protection against evil spirits, or wondering spirits. And bring positivity in your practical day to day life, nothing major, but just for more of fulfilling and successful day. Listing Item Description These beauties are large for their regularly average found size. They vary in shape, but as you can tell they’re all about 2 -3 inches long/wide. There are some really unique shapes, a few resembling a mother and child, yoni, and other resembling feminine energy. i think i got a really good batch. 🙂

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