Quiet busy book toddler for 1 4 year old

Quiet busy book toddler for 1  4 year old
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This customized busy book a unique kids gift for girl or boy. Unicorn – a favorite toy of many boys and girls, a quiet book with such a cute design is sure to please the kid. Size pages perfect for travel with toddler – 7,09 7,87 inches (1820 cm). You can order a book from 6, 8, 10 or 12 pages. When buying, please write the required page numbers would you like to the book in the order message. There are pages available for selection: 1. Apple tree with apples and basket 2 (hook and loop tape). 2. Strawberry bush (hook and loop tape) 3. Bag on a string with 10 fruits 4. Sun (hook and loop tape) 5. Large strawberry with a worm inside (zipper + lacing) 6. Bucket with 10 fish, to wear on a string 7. Hedgehog and mushrooms in back (hook and loop tape) 8. Frog with flies, mouth zipped. (snap) 9. Pan with vegetables 10 pieces (zipper) 10. Hive with bees (snap) 11. Butterflies (4 primary colors for matching flowers, snap) 12. Big cake decorations geometric shapes 7 pcs (snap) 13. Rainbow Stacker (hook and loop tape or snap) 14. Backpack inside alphabet of felt (buckle) 15. Flowers tulips, peek-a-boo insects (butterfly and ladybug on tape) 16. Tetris Puzzle (hook and loop tape) 17. Ducks on lake (hook and loop tape) 18. Helicopter with screws and wheels (buttons) 19. ufo ship with an alien on finger, stars on buttons, ship lights on snap 20. Zip pocket inside game for 10 elements Memory 21. Amanita mushroom, inside mouse (hook and loop tape + snap + button) 22. Christmas tree with toys (hook and loop tape) 23. Rocket Puzzle (hook and loop tape) 24. Flowers in a pot (buttons) 25. Labyrinth with ladybugs 26. Simple abacus 1-5 (hook and loop tape) 27. Pizza in parts (hook and loop tape) 28. Snowman Puzzle (hook and loop tape) 29. Fish Puzzle (hook and loop tape) 30. Pocket – cloud, rain droplets on snap 31. Birds wear wings (buttons) 32. Traffic lights (magnetic snap) 33. Clock with numbers and arrows (button + hook and loop tape) 34. Ship puzzle (hook and loop tape and zip) 35. Vegetables in part 4 pieces (tomato, beet, cucumber, carrot) (hook and loop tape) 36. Figure inserts (9 pcs) (hook and loop tape) 37. Tangram Puzzle (hook and loop tape) 38. Figures, like balloons on a cord (hook and loop tape) 39. Big Apple with a worm inside (zipper + gum) 40. Truck Puzzle (Velcro) 41. Monkey with bananas (buttons) 42. Tic – tac-toe with hares and carrots (snap) 43. fishbowl with fish (hook and loop tape) 44. Moon and 3 stars (snap) 45. Sneakers with laces 46. Large flower with petals of colors of a rainbow ( hook and loop tape or snap) 47. Ladybug with wings and black spots Detachable 10 pieces (hook and loop tape + zipper) 48. Cupcake decoration circles colors of rainbow. (snap) 49. House, inside 4 colors circles shapes (buttons + magnetic snap) 50. Numbers 0-9 under flap (Velcro + buttons) 51. Octopus Puzzle (hook and loop tape) 52. Sudoku figures 4 4 (snap) 53. Fruits in part 4 pieces (apple, pear, banana, orange) (hook and loop tape) 54. Geometric shapes (star, trapezoid, rectangle, hexagon) (snap) 55. Geometric figures (square, oval, triangle, circle) (snap) 56. Locomotive Puzzle (hook and loop tape) 57. Snap chain loop rainbow (buttons) 58. Panties (buckle) 59. Bib with breast clasps 60. Hourglass (sorting sand by color) 61. Ball (lacing) 62. Girl with braids and hair accessories 63. Mailbox and two letters (button) 64. Four buckle 65. Rainbow of zippers 66. Abacus Counting beads 1-10 67. Weaving 10 color 67a. Weaving 2 color 68. Abacus 10×10 69. Sequins (black&white) 69a. Sequins (rainbow&silver) 70. Sew Buttons (lacing) 71. Five buckle 72. Tools (8 elements) 73. Skirt (buckle + metal snaps) 74. Shirt (buttons) 75. Hoodie (zipper) 76. Socks (velcro / matching colors) 77. make face Mr Potato (zipper + hook and loop tape) 78. make face Mrs Potato (zipper + hook and loop tape) 79. Cat peek a boo (velcro) 80. Chicken and 5 Eggs (hook and loop tape) 81. winter boots (zipper + hook and loop tape + button) 82. Medical bag (10 elements) 83. blouse with fasteners on hooks 84. Waistcoat (buttons) 85. Counting fingers (zipper + hook and loop tape) 86. Placemat (parts are attached using hook and loop tape) 87. Octopus (plastic buckle) 88. Maze with cars 89. Ball with lacing 90. “Piggy Bank” with 10 elements for learn count 91. Jellyfish for braiding puzzles (fastening method of parts on page – hook and loop tape): a) Cat (5 parts) b) Dog (6 parts) c) Rabbit (7 parts) d) Lamb (4 parts) e) Cow (4 parts) f) Mouse (2 parts) g) Pig (4 parts) h) Panda (7 parts) i) Fox (4 parts) j) Bear (7 parts) k) Raccoon (6 parts) l) Deer (3 parts) m) Elephant (6 parts) n) Hippo (5 parts) o) Lion (4 parts) p) Squirrel (5 parts) q) Crocodile (4 parts) r) Monkey ( 7 parts) Children are constantly looking, listening, and touching things in their surroundings. They love colors, shapes, textures, and gadgets of all sorts and sizes. a quiet book contains all of these elements-and so much more! What exactly is a quiet book? Its a type of busy book that keeps little hands moving, and minds engrossed and engaged. And, no reading is actually involved. Composed of soft cloth; each page in the eco-friendly book contains a learning activity, making it one awesome educational toy. The custom pages feature soft, felt objects designed with zipper features, buttons, and even Velcro so your child can develop their sorting skills, visual and special relationships, and fine motor skills while remaining quiet and imaginative; all at the same time virtually making it a sought after educational toy. This activity book helps build a childs knowledge of the world around them. They learn all about colors, shapes, matching, and develop cause and effect relationships. Kids can open doors in houses, fill car windows with shapes, and even feed a frog flies. The design options are endless and each book can be ordered to be made into a custom book to truly interest any child based on their likes and learning preferences. Books can be six or twelve pages long, and if you arent in need of customization or personalization; there are a number of quiet books to choose from that already have a pre-determined format and color scheme. Here are some additional benefits of purchasing and using this developmental toy: Visually pleasing-toddler toys need to be bright, full of textures, and full of pattern and prints. Each quiet book is beautiful to look at, visually stimulating, and will keep a young childs interest. Creative learning opportunities-toddlers love to match and sort. They love to unzipper and explore. Quiet books allow children of all ages to learn since they all have educational angles on each page. Baby to Toddler Toy-Toys should be investments. Often times, parents end up buying toys for the children based on their age range and developmental stage. a quiet book will actually grow with your child and be appropriate to use for years. Baby Shower Gift-Children toys are a popular gift to give at a baby shower. But a quiet book will be like no other gift shes ever received. Each page has been carefully planned, made with love, and will be not just a toy but a keepsake shell always treasure. Sold With a Carrying Case-Take your quiet book with you wherever you want! Its sold with a cloth carrying case thats easy for toddlers to tote and that will keep the soft book protected. The Blow Away Baby Toys-Toys should be engaging and educational. They should encourage the baby or toddler to do the playing and imagining; and not do it for them with noises or lights. Quiet books spark the imagination and make kids work and think without providing answers or options for them. So, if you are in the market for a personalized book that is durable, beautiful, educationally appropriate, and an all-around amazing activity toy, look no further. All of my items are handmade, therefore there may be a slight difference in the actual item and the photo due to real and perceived color, fabric positioning and/or thread colors. (!) The colors of materials may vary slightly from the example on the foto according to our various arrivals of raw materials. This does not alter the appearance of the book page. Enjoy your shopping! You may also like: Look many ready to ship Quiet Books

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