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R-KAID-R Limited Edition Arcade

R-KAID-R Limited Edition Arcade
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R-Kaid-R (Arcader) lets you enjoy classic games like Pac Man and Asteroids in first class. This solid wood portable console can store over 10.000 games. Add your own favorites and create a personal game library. The unit provides eight hours of gaming per charge and the custom made leather bag keeps the unit well protected.

Chase high-scores in style, anywhere!

Hultén wants to resuscitate a fading culture and create curiosity towards the origin of video gaming, pushing gaming into a new context, making the arcade an artistic equivalent to the painting on your wall.

The R-Kaid-R is an exclusive toy for the dedicated gamer. It’s a link between the present and the past and a tribute to the arcade. A true gaming jewel.

The handmade units are processed with utmost care and comes in a limited edition of 50 units

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