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Radius Minimalist iPhone 5 Case

Radius Minimalist iPhone 5 Case
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Introducing the RADIUS: the only aluminum case that showcases the iPhone 5’s design elements with its ultra minimalistic approach.

The RADIUS is not a bumper case, nor it is a snap case, it is not your conventional iPhone case. The profile of the case is so slim, it barely extends beyond the sleep and the volume buttons on the sides of the iPhone. It’s very light, thin and, unlike many aluminum bumpers and cases, during the testing, it didn’t experience any signal loss.

The parts are carved out of solid billets of aircraft grade aluminum and weighing only 0.155 ounce (4.4 grams), while a typical aluminum bumper or case weighs 20 to 50 grams. The inside of the corners are lined with non-slip lining materials, providing grip and vibration absorption.

The screws are in stainless steel and extra screws are provided. Allen wrench included with every case.

The RADIUS consists of the corner modules and the X frame that holds them together. The corner modules are beveled (or chamfered as Jonathan Ive called it) much like the bezel of the iPhone 5, while raised profiles at the front of the corner modules elevate the touch screen, allowing the phone to be placed facedown on flat surfaces.

The ultra thin profile of the corner modules precisely and securely grips the thin bezel of the iPhone 5 without covering any part of the touch screen. This design allows protective film to be used on the touch screen.

Unlike other aluminum cases which adversely effect reception, the RADIUS does not impede iPhone’s cellular or wifi reception due to its design. The corner modules have been carefully tailored to avoid the antenna strips on the sides of the iPhone 5.

The X frame is designed to connect the corner modules as directly as possible and bring the connecting spokes away from the edge of the iPhone 5’s bezel. The X frame interlocks with the corner modules and secured by 4 screws. The screws are in stainless steel and are custom made due to the thinness of the back of the case.

The RADIUS is designed, engineered and prototyped in San Jose, California and will continue to be manufactured entirely in the USA.

– Available in three colors: Polished aluminum, Anodized red, Anodized cyan.

– Choose between the polished X frame (which looks awesome on the white iPhone) or the matte slate X frame (which looks really sleek for the black iPhone).

Compatible with the iPhone 5/5s.

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