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Range Rover Ride-On Car

Range Rover Ride-On Car
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The parental remote is optional, and this ride on, battery powered car can also be driven by the normal in-car controls by using the gearstick and pedal. The parental control can operate the car in forwards and reverse gears, and also turn the steering wheel left and right. Genuine Range Rover Evoque – This electric kids’ car is a realistic scale replica of a real Range Rover Evoque, and is licensed by Range Rover. Key Start – Realistic key start on the dashboard, turn a quarter turn, and hear the authentic engine start-up sounds. Even the key is a replica of the original!

Optional parental remote control – The ride on car can be used with the normal in-car controls, using the pedal with the forwards/reverse gears and steering wheel, or can optionally be used remotely with the parental control. The parental radio remote can operate from up to around 20m away and controls forwards/reverse and moves the steering wheel left and right. MP3 player input with volume control

This electric car comes with a cable which plugs in to the dashboard, allowing an MP3 player or any other device with a headphones socket to be plugged in, and the music played through the car speaker. Plugging in a device disables the in-car sounds. Steering wheel sounds – The steering wheel buttons include horn and turn sounds.

Seat belt – This kids’ car has a seat belt fitted, to keep your child safe if using the parental remote option. Working lights – The front headlights can be switched on and off using the dashboard switch. Other Information Suitable age range – 2-5 (or younger with full parental supervision) Charge time – 15 hours for a full charge Run time – Up to 1-1.5 hour from a full charge (depending on the type of use) Battery type – 6V (1 x 6V 6.7Ah) lead acid Maximum speed – 2-3 MPH.

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