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Ray-S Speakers by Davone Audio

Ray-S Speakers by Davone Audio
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Inspiration struck and there was no choice other than to pursue perfection. Similar in look and inspiration as the famous Eames lounge chair this speaker was designed to be used everyday.

Davone’s goal is to give you pleasure even before you drop the needle. Beautiful to look at, screaming to be touched and begging to be listened to are the subtle beckonings of the Davone Ray. No speaker will grab your attention and transport you to the performance like the Ray will. Old world Danish craftsmanship runs through the entire design. Each listening session will be like a vacation from all your worries.

The Ray-S, the newly updated version of the Ray, takes the Ray legacy of high end audio performance to a new high. Now featuring a full-fledged three way system with a long throw 8-inch bass, the Ray-S produces a vocal sound so real, detail and depth makes your toes curl and a bass that just blows you away.

Real Design Meets High End Audio
Acoustic Driver Design
Aerodynamic Tuned Port
Solid Steel Stand
Solid Connections

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