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RC Military Car with Water Jet

RC Military Car with Water Jet
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This is a super cool remote control car! It works great on the kitchen tile, the living room carpet and outside on the road. The remote control is very basic with only five buttons, very easy to operate. Another thing is that it charges quickly. All these are very convenient design for kids. I believe your cute child will fall in love with it soon. Do not wait, get this perfect toy for your child!

– Wide range of applications: it performs well in any kinds of situations, such as hard ground, grassland, bush, sand, wetland, etc.
– Water jet design, it can spray water far and powerfully to simulate military car, which provide you a better experience

– Shock absorption system, there is an independent helical spring on every wheel, which can erase the vibration effectively to make it run steadily at rough terrain
– 360 degree rotation design, all-wheel-drive mode means it supports run forward, run backward, turn left, turn right and make spins
– Remote control design, 25m super long remote control distance, which make sure you play the car and do not need to follow it tightly, very convenient

– A strong driving force makes it start quickly, run fast and react rapidly
– High-quality ABS material, crash resistant, environmental, harmless and shiny with longer service life
– Cool LED lights provide you bright light at night so that you are clear of the road condition
– Rubber wheel, it has the great elastic force and buffer ability to support a stable performance under any circumstance

– High strength frame can absorb a large number of shocks to minimize damage and protect the car
– Rechargeable design, it takes few hours to charge it for the next play, especially suitable for children

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