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Ready Clip Micro USB by AViiQ

Ready Clip Micro USB by AViiQ
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They Bend Over Backwards for You

Tangled cables anyone? No more worries with the AViiQ Ready Clips. They easily clip onto your bag or pocket for easy transport and their small size make tangled cables a thing of the past. Use Ready Clips for simple, short connections between your laptop or desktop’s USB 2.0 port and most portable devices, including Micro and Mini USB devices as well as those with Apple connectors.
AViiQ Ready Clips
Ready Clips are available with Micro USB, Mini USB or Apple connectors. View larger
Short and Compact

The size of a pen, Ready Clips are created to be carried like a pen and to be just as portable. The AViiQ Ready Clips are sized to match the stand pen size of 5.5 inches.
It’s Ready with a Clip

The AViiQ Ready Clips are simple to use. Slide them in your bag or your pocket. The clips on the side work like those of a pen so they are easy to grab and use.
USB Plug and Play for Most USB Devices

Ready Clips come with connectors available for most USB devices. Ready Clips plug into any USB 2.0 port for easy charge and data transfer for your Micro USB, Mini USB and Apple dock devices.

(Note: Each connector type sold separately.)

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