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Real Live Tetral Drone Camera Quadcopter

Real Live Tetral Drone Camera Quadcopter
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The Real Live Tetral Drone Camera Quadcopter is something that seems to have been created to reinforce everyone’s favorite stereotypes about Japan: it’s the land of high-tech gadgets, preferably miniatures; it’s a toy but can also be used by adults; and it involves a camera and a remote controller.

While these days you can find similar projects by many companies (and not just from Japan), there is some truth in the stereotype: this little gadget by CCP is among the best designed mini toy drones and comes packed with features and functions!

First off, the nifty Real Live Tetral Drone Camera Quadcopter is tiny yet easy to handle thanks to an intuitive controller and dedicate smartphone app (Android and iOS).

It is also chargeable by USB and has multiple different actions (take-off, ascending, descending, hovering, advancing, reversing, left/right rotation, left/right sliding, looping, landing) that allow you fly around, all while taking pictures and video with its 410,000-pixel camera. What’s even more fun, though, is how you will be able to see what it sees through your phone: the dedicated app links your iPhone or Android device to both the drone’s control screen and eyes. Seriously fun and durable, the Real Live Tetral Drone Camera will transform even a brief walk in the park into an adventure!

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