Reborn Doll Bottles Preemie 2oz Pink Fake Milk & Juice

Reborn Doll Bottles Preemie 2oz Pink Fake Milk & Juice
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2 Reborn Baby Doll Bottles 2oz Preemie with apx 1 oz fake milk and fake juice plus 1 Reborn Baby Doll pacifier. This is the prettiest set we carry and is the perfect size for the smaller reborn dolls as well as the larger 21 inch and taller reborn dolls too. It would make a beautiful gift for a reborn doll collector getting her first doll for Christmas, her birthday, a reborn doll baby shower, any other Holiday or special occasion. It looks perfect as a display as well or can be gently used. The formula does go into the nipple. There is always a slight chance that the bottle will leak during shipment, but we give you a worksheet that explains what might have happened and how to fix it. We have only had about 2 bottle leaks out of hundreds we have shipped. The bottle nipple is silicone and the nipple cover is included. The bottles are sealed at the neck but with force, may or may not be opened. The pacifiers come with a magnet kit or putty plus instructions. Please use the drop down menu to choose. magnet kit: Your doll must have a magnet in her mouth for this to work. Pacifier with nipple removed. The magnet kit comes with 1 strong neodymium magnet temporarily attached to the back of the pacifier with a glue dot, 1 adhesive felt cover, extra glue dots, and instructions. putty: Pacifier with nipple removed. Putty includes several pieces of non-toxic putty, glue dots and instructions. Enjoy and thank you for your purchases!

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