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Recharge Post-Workout

Recharge Post-Workout
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Want a post workout supplement that helps you build muscle faster without the side effects?

Recharge contains three ingredients scientifically proven to help you build muscle, improve recovery, and reduce soreness:
– Creatine monohydrate
– L-carnitine L-tartrate
– Corosolic acid

A results and recovery formula that really works.
Recharge will help you recover faster from your workouts, and the better you can recover, the more you can get out of your training.

Contains a clinically effective dose of creatine monohydrate in every serving.
Hundreds of scientific studies have proven that creatine monohydrate is a powerful natural muscle builder and strength booster.

Don’t fall for the hype about other “fancier” forms of creatine, either — research shows they’re no more effective than creatine monohydrate and, in some cases, even less effective.

Push harder in your workouts, train more frequently, and gain muscle and strength faster.
If you like to push your limits and train heavy and hard…and if you want to get as much out of your workout as possible…then you’re going to love Recharge.

A true 100% natural results and recovery formula with no artificial junk.
Recharge is naturally sweetened and flavored and contains no artificial food dyes or other junk fillers.

Buy the ultimate post workout recovery drink with confidence.
Legion Athletics manufactures its products in the USA in a CGMP- and NSF-certified facility. We want each and every customer to be completely happy, which is why we offer our IT’S-ON-US MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Give Recharge a shot and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply contact us within 90 days of the purchase date and we’ll issue you a prompt refund.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions as well–we take customer service very seriously and are always happy to help (just look at our reviews!).

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