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Reclaimed Car Sofa

Reclaimed Car Sofa
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Smoking Hot Car sofa is upcycled from a reclaimed Ambassador.

Endorsed by Smithers and guarantees to be hot property in your home or business workplace. Our car sofa will be the hottest seat in town with a funky design like this, what’s not to love.

This Car sofa is the ideal conversation seating.

Reclaimed from an old classic car, this cool car sofa or couch may you call it in the USA is sure to drive your friends wild with envy.

Nobody else give’s you exclusive custom designed car sofa’s found off the beaten track like we do, with Smithers car sofa furniture the list is endless. Available in full brown leather or reclaimed boat wood seating.

Height Rear 100 cm | Front End 82 cm
Length Rear 162 cm | Front End 162 cm
Depth Rear 75 cm | Front End 90 cm

Weight 165 kg

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