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Recycle A Bottle Plant Nanny Stake

Recycle A Bottle Plant Nanny Stake
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These cool new Wine Bottle Plant Nannies recycle empty wine bottles into natural and unique water reservoirs for your plants. Whether you tend to over- or under- water your plants or just forget to water them all together, these specially-engineered ceramic stakes release water from the wine bottle slowly as the soil needs it.

Simply clean and refill an empty wine bottle with water, push the durable, reusable and drip-free watering stake down into the soil, flip and insert the bottle into the stake and natural absorption takes over.

You can easily see the water level through the wine bottle, so just refill it when it gets low. This would make the perfect gift with a bottle of wine on the side for both green and black thumbs, frequent travelers and wine enthusiasts with too many plants. Plus, it’s just kind of funny to see a wine bottle sticking out of a houseplant.

Allows 7-10 days of watering while you are away
The nanny is a specially engineered Cermaic Stake
The nanny is inserted into moist soil near the root system
We keep it green by recycling a wine bottle , Awesome conversational peice
As the soil begins to dry the nanny starts to slowly release water resulting in healthier and hardier roots

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