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Red Baron Airplane Wall Shelving

Red Baron Airplane Wall Shelving
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Red Baron Plane Shelves. Awesome wall hanging replica, fully welded metal, this plane is just perfect for a stunning vintage-style bedroom for boys storage or the office, bar storage space.
Wing span at 2300 mm.

The Red Baron comes fully assembled, simply bolt on the landing wheels and it’s ready to hang.
230cm x92 cm x 50 cm Weight 30kg
World War I was a war, fought in muddy trenches and overwhelmed with slaughter’s. Yet a few soldiers escaped this anonymous end fighter pilots.

They volunteered to fly when just going up in an aircraft seemed heroic. Nevertheless, mass fighter pilots accomplished only a few become victorious before they too were shot out the sky. Yet, there was one man, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, who liked to fly in a blazing red airplane & shoot down plane after plane. His victories made him both a hero and a propaganda tool, 80 credited victories. Baron Manfred von Richthofen the “Red Baron,” defied the odd’s and became a worldwide legend in the air.

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