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Redline GT Racing Game

Redline GT Racing Game
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Whether you want to bring home the arcade driving experience or hone your racing skills, the Redline GT Racing Game is the perfect addition to your PC or PlayStation 3 game system.
This fully immersive racing simulator features arcade quality cabinetry, 5-channel sound, rumbling vibrations and a real automotive sports seat for hours of comfort.
Please Note: A 42” flat panel TV with HDMI input is required. PC, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 console required, NOT included.

Full immersion racing simulator
Arcade quality cabinetry
Connects to your existing PC or PlayStation 3
Real automotive seat with leather look and quick-tilt technology
Solid lateral support for hours of comfort
Full range seat slide

Telescoping steering wheel
Adjustable pedals
Immersive audio — 5-channel, 170W custom audio amp plus four speakers
High-energy 100W vibration transducer rattles the player physically
Includes Logitech G27 driving controls
Force feedback steering

Tri-pedal assembly (gas, brake, clutch)
Six-speed shifter
Quick set armrests that lock into place
Rear storage area for PC or gaming peripherals
Keyboard drawer holds keyboard and mouse
Blue LEDs in the undercarriage creating a blue halo effect

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