Reed Stamping Die Set

Reed Stamping Die Set
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Reed Stamping Die Set by Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools: Is something missing from the cut edge of your coin rings? Make adding synthetic replacement reeds to the cut edge of your coin rings much easier with this 3 piece reed stamping die set. This set includes a base die with machined inset for holding and centering a reed forming wedge washer, the reed forming stainless steel washer and a delrin pressing disc. The base die is cnc machined from 4130 tool steel. It is 1.75″ in diameter. The washer is 316 hardened stainless steel, with an outside diameter of 1.2″ inches. It has an inside diameter of 0.66″ inches. Delrin pressing disc is 1.8″ inches in diameter. To use this reed stamping die, simply place the cut side of your annealed coin ring down onto the washer’s reed forming ridges, cover with the delrin pressing disc and apply pressure with your 6 ton hydraulic press. The included delrin press disc is provided to protect the original reeded side of your coin ring. a steel press disc or repair die is recommended to go between the delrin press disc and the ram of your press. If you have a ram head on your press, that would be ideal. demo video:

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