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Relaxation & Recovery Baker Miller Hoodie

Relaxation & Recovery Baker Miller Hoodie
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Engineered to chill you out, the Baker Miller Pink Hoodie is the world’s most relaxing piece of technical clothing. Whether your mind is racing the night before an event, you’re counting down the hours to the race start, or you’re ready to collapse with exhaustion on the plane home, this is the ultimate Hoodie to zone out in.


The Baker Miller Pink Hoodie is designed to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which controls rest and recovery. By forcing your body and mind to rest, the Hoodie helps to improve performance and speed recovery.

Vision: The mesh visor floods your vision with a shade of pink designed to lower your heart rate. It allows you to see out, but no-one to see in.
Breathing: The positioning of the visor encourages you to breathe through your nose, which naturally slows your breathing.

Movement: Putting your arms in the Asymmetrical Sling Pockets helps you to minimize movement, limit oxygen consumption, and focus on deep stomach breathing.
Brain: Slow and regulate your brainwaves by downloading the Baker Miller Pink soundtrack to your phone and listening to it while wearing your Hoodie – there’s a zipped inside pocket and built-in cable channels.

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