RemoBell WiFi Video Doorbell

RemoBell WiFi Video Doorbell
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Enjoy all the great features of a video doorbell with RemoBell: HD videos, easy setup, push notifications, 2-way audio, infrared night vision, advanced motion sensor, Cloud recordings, low battery reminders, recent activity log, multiple viewer access (5 per account), 120° viewing angle, multiple device access (5 per account), Wi-Fi connection, battery powered, lifetime theft guarantee, 256-bit AES, and mobile access with our free RemoBell app. RemoBell is water and weather-resistant. The doorbell can withstand most weather conditions (0°F to 122°F). Stay inside and keep warm, let your smart doorbell answer the door.

Easy Setup

Setup is easy with RemoBell. Simply download the free mobile app and follow the on-screen instructions to register your wireless doorbell. Next, screw the mounting bracket to your doorway. Then, place RemoBell into the bracket and tighten the security screw. Woo-lah! Start answering your camera doorbell from your smartphone. It’s fast, easy and anyone can do it.

Activity LogThe recent activity log displays every event and Cloud video your camera doorbell captures onto a timeline on the RemoBell app. Missed and answered rings, along with motion videos are recorded onto the activity log. The timeline displays all events from the camera doorbell, times and dates of each video, and who declined or answered the video. Have total control with RemoBell.Advanced Motion SensorThe passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects heat radiated off of objects and sends push notifications when motion is sensed. By detecting body heat the sensor can distinguish body movements from leaves blowing in the wind. This reduces the amount of false motion alerts.Battery PoweredRemoBell is powered by 6 AA batteries so you can install it wherever you want (Rechargeable batteries included). Four months of battery life, depending on usage. Check the battery life with the RemoBell app and receive reminders when the battery is low.
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