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Results Journal: Find Your Why And Accomplish Any Goal

Results Journal: Find Your Why And Accomplish Any Goal
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The Results Journal has a treasure trove of incredible features. Here is a sneak peak into some of these features:

-Idea Capture: A unique area in the journal that guides you through the process of capturing all your thoughts, ideas, dreams and desires.
-Results Priority: A work area to prioritize your ideas into meaningful results that you are committed to achieving.
-Reasons Development: A critical part of the Results Journal that helps you find your WHY for each critical goal.
-Roadmap for Project Plan: A start-to-finish plan for the full achievement of each goal or result.
-Daily Timeline: Runs from 6am to 9pm and contains key sections to help accomplish the individual steps needed to achieve your goals.
-Weekly Plan: An overview of your week to see how the effort in each area of your life impacts others. Help with habit forming, tracking progress, and course corrections.
-Quarterly Reviews: Review your progress and adjust your plan every 25 days.
-Resources: We all need help to accomplish anything meaningful in life. This is where we identify the resources available to help us get to the final line!
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