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Reusable Dish & Bowl Covers- Eco-friendly fabrics

Reusable Dish & Bowl Covers- Eco-friendly fabrics
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I am making reusable dish & bowl covers out of eco-friendly materials. Specialized fabrics and trendy patterns. Simple and beautiful!

My project is my contribution to helping our environment.  I am making beautiful, reusable dish and bowl covers.  They are intended to replace aluminium foil or plastic wrap and help you take another step towards a greener kitchen.  I am using eco-friendly fabrics, with several different styles and shapes.  I am offering three options, the first is a single layer of anti-microbial , water resistant, abrasion resistant, printed fabric that is PVC free, BHA free, free of chlorine and solvents.  The second is a double layer cover, with vibrant cotton prints and a lining of the same water resistant, abrasion resistant, eco-friendly fabric.  This design allows for custom covers, themed and holiday covers.  The third is an organic cotton cover for folks who want to keep it simple in their kitchen.  I am very excited about this idea and I have had very positive feedback from other I have shared my idea with.  I believe it fills a niche that hasn’t been explored yet.

I am raising funds to get my project off the ground.  I have invested some of my own funds and am looking for extra funding to really get my product out there.  In addition to setting up a couple venues for sales online, I would like to invest more time and energy into getting my covers into local shops, and neighboring cities and towns.  I live in a region that values giving to a local economy, is environmentally conscious, as well as being an area full of tourists.  So, I believe local sales will be my first real source of income, until online sales catch up.

Covers are great for bringing food to a picnic or potluck.  Storing leftovers or even covering a plate of food.  My covers are easy to use,  much easier then plastic wrap.  They are super durable and wash easily.  You can buy them in sets, as single covers or custom orders.   We can even make covers for your favorite sports teams for tailgating or parties.  Go Broncos!  I believe this is a fun idea that makes taking steps to a greener lifestyle convenient and within reach.

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