RevolCam 3-in-1 Lens

RevolCam 3-in-1 Lens
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  • 3-in-1 Multi-Lens System – Giving you a choice of wide-angle, fish-eye and macro lenses, RevolCam opens up the creative options for Smartphones like never before. Get in close with the macro lens, capture glorious landscape vistas with the wide-angle lens, and explore the creativity of the fish-eye. Because you can swap lenses at will in a second, you always have every option available, all the time.
  • RevoLens Design – It is our unique rotary lens system that is the core innovation in RevolCam, as it ensures you can swap lenses with just the flick of a finger in a second. No need to remove anything or waste time swapping lenses when you want to be capturing the shot. With our RevoLens design, you simply revolve the lenses to choose the one you want. The lenses are automatically centered perfectly when you use them, so you have ALL the creative options available, ALL the time.
  • Detachable LED Light – Lightweight so you can take it anywhere, the bright, easy to use LED Light clips on and off RevolCam with ease. When the sun goes down there is no need to stop when you have this amazing light to hand. Get the high-quality photos your memories deserve whatever the conditions, create macro shots like the professionals and make sure your selfies look as good as they can every time with the included LED Light.
  • Control the Light – RevolCam puts you in control, and that includes the light! With 230 levels of light available, adjusted manually and just a touch away, you always have the light you need for perfect photos. From fill light to night time portraits, lighting will never be a problem again.
  • Universal Fitment – Enjoy the revolution ins smartphone photography whatever phone you use! RevolCam is designed to fit easily onto any smartphone, and is small and lightweight enough that you will barely know it’s there. You don’t need the very latest phones to enjoy the benefits of creativity and quality that RevolCam brings, and when you swap your phone, you can take RevolCam with you to the new one!
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