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Revolution FOCUS Standing Desk Balance Board

Revolution FOCUS Standing Desk Balance Board
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The Revolution FOCUS Balance Board is designed to maximize your standing-while-working experience by further engaging your body and your mind. Standing desks are becoming more and more popular these days, and for good reason: many studies have shown it can improve your overall health. When you throw the Focus balance board into the mix not only does it help you get more out of your upright endeavors, it’s a whole lot more fun. Go ahead, step up your grind to the next level.

Motion At Work: Standing in place all day has its limitations, and sitting in place isn’t even an option anymore…enter the Revolution Focus Standing Desk Balance Board. The Focus enhances physical activity while you work at your Stand up desk, in the form of subtle yet engaging full-body motion.

Challenging By Design: This balance board is designed to provide a challenge and actually engage your entire body. Just the right amount of motion to keep you active, but not so much that you can’t keep your normal grind on. This is not your basic 1-piece board…so easy your intern could do it. No way.

Make Work More Fun: Sometimes those days in the office start to blend together like your morning coffee. The Revolution Focus helps you break free of your routine and bring some fun into the workplace. Your co-workers may be a little jealous but hey, you would give them a few minutes to try right??

Fully Adjustable: The air cushion base is fully-adjustable, so as you get better at the board, you can simply add more air (no pump required), and step up the difficulty. This ensures your investment will keep paying off for years to come.

Work Grade Construction: We know you will be using this board every day, so we built it with that in mind. A duragrip top deck maintains traction and anti-fatigue cushioning, while quiet stop bumpers on the base make this board usable on any surface. No banging or scratching. Weight rating of 450 lbs. | MADE IN THE USA

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