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Revolution Swell 2.0 Surf Balance Board Trainer

Revolution Swell 2.0 Surf Balance Board Trainer
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The Swell 2.0 surf balance board is designed to better emulate balancing conditions felt by surfers, paddle boarders (SUP), longboarders, and wakesurfers. Use the extended roller in both heel-toe and left to right positions for 2 distinct ways to train your balance, stability, and total body coordination.


Adjustable Roller Stop System:

The roller stops on the base of the Swell are easy to adjust to any position in seconds. Held in place by a super strong magnet system, beginners can start slow by setting a shorter rolling distance, and work their way up to more difficulty. Seasoned riders can step up the challenge even more by removing the stops, no tools required.


Traction Surface:

The comfortable grip surface on the Swell gives you the perfect feel, grip, and cushioning. Great for using with bare feet but more than tough enough to use with your shoes. No scratching you or any of your stuff like regular griptape you see on other boards.

The Revolution Swell 2.0

– DuraSoft Traction | Comfortable Grip Surface.

– MagSwitch Stops | Adjustable Roller Stop System.

– Extended Roller | Heel-To-Toe and Side-To-Side Training.

– More Room | Our Largest Board.

– High Strength Design | Durable & Built to last.

– 2 Colors Available | Storm Gray & Midnight Black

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